Finding the best talent for your organisation.

Improved recruitment via:
  • Employer Brand Audit
  • Culture and Values Assessment
  • Fresh Search
  • Get Set for Success Onboarding programme
Engagement with Melius for:
  • Interim Professionals
  • Permanent Introductions
  • Retained Talent Acquisition

Four Steps to Improved Recruitment

Employer Brand

Optimising how candidates view your organisation.

Culture and Values

Identifying candidates who will thrive in your organisation.

Fresh Search

Full market assessment of the most suitable candidates.

Get Set for Success

Focus on successful onboarding and immediate impact.

#1 Employer Brand Audit

We'll analyse how your organisation presents itself to potential employees.  

This enables us to present your organisation accurately and increases interest levels.

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Hiring for your team?

#2 Culture and Values

Who are the people who'll thrive in your organisation?

Our Culture and Values Assessment will help us identify the right people for you.
By going beyond CV keyword matching we can get a better fit.

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Hiring for your team?

#3 Fresh Search

You don't want leftover CVs from previous assignments.

Fresh search for every vacancy means we're specifically targeting candidates
who will thrive in your organisation and who are definitely interested in this specific opportunity.

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Hiring for your team?

#4 Get Set for Success

By providing clarity on expectations from the outset, we can ensure new employees make a winning start.

This reduces anxiety and manages expectations during the first 90 days in post.

We'll work with you and your new employee to ensure effective onboarding that drives performance.

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Let us find the best talent for your team