Become productive more quickly

Having clear objectives for the first 90 days helps to minimise the time new hires take to become productive.

This represents an expensive element of the recruitment journey, so Melius believes it’s important that your recruitment partners help you to minimise the time before new staff members become competent and productive.

For a complimentary 90 Day Work Plan to help your business structure activities and achievements for new hires, get in touch with Melius.

Minimising the time taken for new staff to transition from orientation to solid performers is a critical productivity challenge for all businesses, especially in roles where attrition rates are high.

However, many organisations neglect the opportunity to stack the odds in their favour by providing new hires with a structured programme of performance development during their first few months in post.

Having clear objectives for the first 30, 60 and 90 days provides certainty for all parties from the outset.  In smaller organisations and startups even shorter planning periods may support impact further with additional benefits for breaking initial projects and priorities into fortnightly sprints.

At Melius, we work with our clients to define these objectives, outputs and outcomes at the start of the recruitment process.

This ensures that applicants have certainty of what will be expected from them, the speed at which they will need to demonstrate competence and deliver results, and the level of support they can rely on to achieve their goals.

This approach prevents attrition soon after placement as candidate and client realise they’re unable to reconcile their views of what’s achievable or desirable in the early months of the employment relationship.