Why fresh search matters in a fast-moving market

In the fast-moving jobs market of 2022, candidate databases are getting stale overnight.  CV libraries and recruitment agencies candidate lists aren't effective in the fierce battle for the best talent.

This is seriously bad news for organisations that have spent years harvesting details of potential jobseekers and whose matching processes are driven by database keyword searches rather than human interaction.

Q "How many candidates are in Melius' candidate database?"

A "Zero"

Why? Because every Melius assignment starts with a fresh search driven by the findings of our Culture and Values Assessment. 

We deliver every assignment in the same way, engaging candidates based on a detailed understanding of our clients Employee Value Proposition thereby reducing the number of unsuitable introductions, unsuccessful interviews and mis-hires.

This means our clients are introduced to freshly selected, newly motivated candidates rather than those hanging around from previous assignments.

Our clients also benefit from our proactive engagement with candidates who are considering changing job roles but not actively engaged in their job search.  These are candidates who are prepared to consider the right opportunity but unlikely to be already taking interviews for alternative vacancies. 

Could your recruitment strategy benefit from a refresh?

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