Melius Learning

Melius Learning provides workforce capability programmes that build the knowledge, skills and mindset of your organisations talent.

Our team deliver professional development programmes that address the five ways businesses can improve productivity.

Learn the skills that drive world-class businesses and how to apply them in your organisation.

We offer flexible learning programmes, bespoke content to reflect industry challenges and accreditation towards professional qualifications. 

Trending Topics

Agile Risk Mindset

Learn how to anticipate and respond to business risks in an agile manner rather than a compliance based risk eradication methodology.

Learn how to systematically Identify, Classify, Quantify, Plan, Act and Repeat actions based on information available to your organisation.

Single session taught programme delivered on campus or on client site.

Shaping Culture & Values

Learn how to understand and influence corporate culture.

Key topics for this course include modelling the link between culture and behaviour, aligning individual and organisational values, influencing structures and enhancing organisational culture.

Single session taught programme plus practical workplace implementation guide.
Trending Topics - Enquiry

Leadership and Management

Developing a high performance culture

Digital marketing strategy and execution

Knowledge and information management

Leadership capability and performance

Leading innovation and change

Managing remote workers

Managing stress, conflict and mental health at work

Organisational governance and control

Partnership working

Promoting equality, inclusion and diversity

Strategic leadership and management

Skills for the Next Decade

Cognitive flexibility

Complex problem solving


Critical thinking

Emotional intelligence

Judgement and decision making


Service orientation

Team collaboration

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Studying with Melius

Each of our courses has an indicated number of classes and total learning time.  Our classes typically last two hours and are designed to introduce delegates to key topics and learning objectives.  Delivery can be completed in the workplace, online or through coaching depending on your chosen delivery style. 

Each of our course has a benchmark level of complexity that reflects the level of academic rigour and the seniority of typical delegates.  There are no formal prerequisites to undertake our courses, however delegates will need to have management responsibilities commensurate with the scope of each course to participate fully and derive maximum value from the learning activities.

Our Leadership & Management programmes are banded as follows:

  • Level 3. Complexity equivalent to A-Level Standard. Courses aimed at new and aspiring managers.
  • Level 5. Complexity equivalent to fist year of a Bachelors degree.  Courses aimed at middle managers.
  • Level 7. Complexity equivalent to Masters degree.  Aimed at business leaders and senior managers.