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Who's going to fill your shoes?

There comes a time in every organisation’s life that the current generation of leaders starts to think about life beyond work. Read Melius' quick guide to succession planning for top tips on how to get started.

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#4 Establish your change team.

Having analysed the world around you, identified opportunities and threats, and visualised what your organisation will look like in the future, it’s time to start making things happen. This insight explores the skills required to make change work.

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Master the art of negotiation

As anyone who has at the very least a fleeting interest in our country’s foreign and economic affairs will be acutely aware, negotiation can be a sensitive topic but is a rather important skill to master.

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Six steps to becoming a great people manager

People management, and explicitly the ability to get the most from the talent within your span of responsibility, is one of the essential skills for the coming decade. This insight explores six essential steps to becoming a great people manager.

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