Reach new heights.

Traditional selling methods are no longer enough to sustain success. Digital tools and techniques are now an essential component of any efficient sales strategy and are revolutionising sales and prospecting.

Digital tools exist to help sales professionals in the following areas:

·       Sourcing qualified leads and prospects

·       Reducing conversion times by automating and augmenting lead nurturing

·       Achieving a more balanced sales pipeline

·       Increasing lead conversion

·       Developing your brand perception with relevant online content

·       Adapt tone, voice and style to specific segments within your customer base

·       Increase understanding and impact through detailed analytics

·       Combine the power of CRM tools, sales activities and social media platforms

The most successful organisations deploy these tools well and have the skills within their teams to fully utilise the tools available and reach new heights of sales success.

For those organisations that don’t, the key questions are how to integrate digital and social selling into your strategies and how best to get these skills into your existing salespeople before your competitors completely move your marketplace.

To provide a world-class solution to this issue, Melius partners with education super brand Pitman Training, one of 23 UK partners of the globally recognised Digital Marketing Institute to provide digital sales training to our clients.

Annette Banks from Pitman Training explains the benefits of this approach:

“Becoming a Certified Digital & Social Sales Professional gives today’s salespeople the tools and skills they need to sell efficiently, achieve targets and sustain sales success.

Over ten modules, the programme provides students with a professional level understanding of digital research, sales enablement, CRM, social content, digital sales messaging, engagement, social account management, digital sales leadership, integration and strategy.

Our blend of online resources and local face-to-face delivery is designed to maximise impact for students and their employers and provide a swift route to qualification.

Working with Melius, we can tailor delivery to suit each clients schedule and preferences.”

Talk to Melius for further information about how this programme can benefit your sales strategy,  upskill your sales teams and enable your sales strategy can reach new heights.