Fresh search not stale candidates

Q "How many candidates are in your database?" 
A "Zero"

Here at Melius, we’re often surprised how many recruitment agencies still seek to advertise a large candidate base as part of their attractiveness to potential clients.

Industry knowledge is one thing but lists of candidates ranked according to skills and industries says little to the modern recruiter about likely fit with a hiring employer.

In any case, professional tools such as LinkedIn Recruiter give access to a far wider talent pool than those possessed by even the most well-established organisation.

Knowledge, skills and experience are purely prerequisites for introducing candidates; the real value lies in identifying those with cultural alignment to the organisation and teams they’ll be joining.

At Melius, we’re proud to start every assignment with a fresh search based on a detailed understanding of our client’s culture and values.

This enables us to work every assignment as ‘head hunters’ engaging candidates based on a detailed understanding of our clients Employee Value Proposition thereby reducing the number of unsuitable introductions, unsuccessful interviews and mis-hires.

It also means our clients are introduced to freshly selected, newly motivated candidates rather than those hanging around from previous assignments.

Could your recruitment strategy benefit from a refresh?

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