First impressions count. So how do potential employees view your business?

How does your company present itself to potential applicants when recruiting for new staff?

In our experience, too many organisations focus on their own needs and wants, and rather too little attention can be paid to the candidate perspective.

Have you considered how your organisation appears to potential job applicants?

In a competitive hiring environment, how candidates perceive your organisation has never been more important. 78% of candidates saying they look at employer reputation before applying for jobs.

The reality of working life in your organisation from the eyes of your staff is laid bare more than ever before. 

Review sites such as Glassdoor provide potential applicants with scores based on feedback from current and previous employees, to help inform jobseeker decision making.

So how do potential employees develop their view of your organisation?

Employees typically consider the following components when forming opinions about what an organisation is like to work for.

  1. Learning & Development
  2. Employment Security
  3. Career Management Opportunities
  4. Employee Involvement
  5. Decision Making Freedom
  6. Work Pattern Flexibility
  7. Performance-Related Pay
  8. Pay Harmony
  9. Staff Turnover
  10. Workforce Diversity

As employers, our HR data tells us a lot about employee engagement which feeds our Employer Branding. Who’s joining? Who’s performing? Who’s Not? Who’s leaving? And Why?

If your organisation can answer these important questions, understanding the impact on Employer Brand and how to improve your internal and external perception is possible.

Employer Branding is not simply a marketing exercise, close alignment between rhetoric and reality are key to staff retention and productivity.

Melius works closely with client organisations to review each element of the Employer Brand Value Proposition before starting each recruitment project. 

This enables Melius clients to optimise how they present themselves to the outside world as a potential employer and convey an accurate picture of working life to potential applicants.

Not sure about where to begin?

Melius are offering a Free Employer Brand Appraisal during January 2018.  This report will provide insight on how your target applicants are likely to view working for your business.

To claim your free review, get in touch with the Melius team today.