Developing Service Orientation

Organisations that deliver outstanding customer service often outperform their peers for revenue, margins and repeat business. Surely no coincidence. But at the same time, more and more organisations seek to automate at least part of their customer service processes. Not always with the same success as employee-led programmes.

Service orientation is where employees actively look forward to helping customers, colleagues and suppliers. This skill forms part of Melius’ essential skills for the next decade, driven as it is by non-routine activities and emotional connection.

Service orientation forms part of the wider social skills umbrella by which each of us interacts with others at work. Key attributes (and skills that can be developed) within this suite include:  

  • Agility to handle surprises and unexpected events
  • Attentiveness, empathy and a genuine personal interest in customer needs and wants
  • Calmness under pressure and the ability to convey this to others
  • Clear communication skills
  • Emotional interpretation
  • Patience
  • Persuasion skills and the ability to agree on a forward plan of action
  • Positive language and personal presentation
  • Product knowledge to provide the best advice to others
  • Tenacity
  • Time management
  • Willingness to learn and continuously improve 

Developing Service Orientation

For organisations and individuals looking to develop and improve their service orientation, it is important to look at every touchpoint with customers to identify customers’ pain points, their needs, wants and concerns.

Service orientation is a science that generates ample data for organisations to act upon. By asking customers, staff and suppliers for feedback and service evaluations, it becomes possible to benchmark performance and progress over time.

Employee engagement has a critical role in service orientation. The best-designed customer experience and training programmes falter when employees are disengaged. Ensuring your employees want to deliver the corporate message, believe in your products and your organisation is key to successfully developing service levels.

Melius’ works with organisations to transform their service orientation through consulting projects and our Trusted Advisor upskilling programme. Get in touch with Melius to find out more about how this approach can benefit your business.