improved understanding

We take the time to understand your business, its priorities and its goals before providing solutions.

Our consultants use comprehensive profiling tools to ensure we fully understand the roles you need productive and people you're looking to attract.

We focus on company culture and employer brand to understand how your vacancies appear from a candidate perspective.

We go beyond the standard matching transaction to create packaged recruitment and training solutions that remove the gridlock that skills shortages can cause for business owners.

improved engagement

Our marketing and engagement activities are designed to widen the pool of individuals that you can consider.

Our commitment to serving our candidates long-term career interests means that we engage with their motivations and career drivers on a deeper level than transactional recruitment processes.

Our diverse recruitment channels promote the opportunities we're handling to candidates from a broad range of backgrounds in order to bring fresh perspective and experiences into consideration.

improved selection

We use technology well so that we can quickly capture and act upon the interest of applicants.

Video interviewing allows us to reach beyond the constraints of CV based applications by allowing candidates to demonstrate their personality and communication skills from first contact.

Predictive assessment tools allow us to identify future high performers earlier in their career.

Our combination of assessment activities provides a far greater level of predictive accuracy than other recruitment methods.

improved sustainability

Our support doesn't end when our candidates become your employees.

All melius placements are supported by a comprehensive onboarding programme to embed new hires within your organisation and support them to become productive.

Our performance and development team provide qualification programmes that underpin the effectiveness of new hires, develop their professional capabilities and strengthen their relationship with your organisation.

Melius placements are designed to perform better and retain longer.

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