Structured learning boosts retention

Investing in learning and development opportunities motivates most workers, especially millennials, and boosts productivity by ensuring application of best practices, tools and techniques.

But compared to our international peers, British businesses aren’t always great at investing in the skills of their workforce and ensuring training converts to increased productivity.

According to the Productivity Leadership Group, it is critical to the performance of UK plc over the coming decades that we address the ‘long tail’ of underperforming businesses across all sectors that are poor at adopting best management practices, don’t have long-term talent management plans and whose short-term focus limits investment and innovation.

By allocating 5% of working life to continued learning and development, Melius finds employees increase consistent productivity over time and avoid the motivational challenges associated with leaner periods that follow initial success.

Melius works with clients to provide structured programmes that combine essential skills during orientation, the acquisition of professional qualifications to underpin core competence over time and targeted performance coaching to improve productivity in specific situations.

For example, Melius’ Recruitment Industry Training Programme supports participants to achieve the Recruitment and Employment Confederation / Institute of Recruitment Professionals Level 3 Certificate in Recruitment Practice during their first six months in post.

This at-work element of the Melius recruitment methodology directly increases retention rates and on-the-job performance as well as sending a positive message to candidates at the application stage about how they will be treated by their potential new employer.

It also has the effect of overcoming recruitment bottlenecks by being able to focus on potential, culture and values when recruiting key staff.

For a complimentary review of how embedding professional development can boost recruitment, productivity and staff retention, talk to Melius.