Recruitment strategies for uncertain times

As 2022 gets off to a flying start, there's a general optimism that the worst of the pandemic is behind us and that this is going to be a good year.  Record vacancy levels certainly indicate that UK business is positive about the year ahead.

But wherever you look, potential storm cloud aren't far away.  Our world of heightened geopolitical uncertainty is causing all manner of challenges of business owners, large and small.

All of us are bombarded by a daily dose of social and security considerations that impact how we do business. Business also has to respond an ever-growing raft of governmental and political issues such as trade barriers, environmental and consumer regulation.

Megatrends such as automation, demographics, social fragmentation and ethical attitudes to business, affect us all.

So how does this impact on how we make hiring decisions, where we allocate work, how we design job roles and shape organisational cultures?

Talent issues such as the staff shortages that lead to empty shop shelves are often absent from company risk registers but aren’t isolated problems.

Risks pivot on how people react to each set of circumstances. HR / talent functions that touch every part of an organisation are in an excellent position to help shape organisational cultures and develop the required skill sets that enable everyone to embrace the unknown and react positively to external change.

Workforce capability projects need to ensure that everyone in an organisation can contribute to risk management activities, as well as spot emerging opportunities, on an agile basis.

So how do you build an organisation where people are able to develop an agile risk mindset? How do we create the conditions where individuals are empowered to take on extra responsibility for managing organisational risk, feel able to raise concerns, act as whistleblowers and challenge existing practices without being shot down in flames?

Flexibility, reaction and resilience are of ever increasing importance compared to the ability to formulate A to Z business continuity plans that are enacted should a specific calamity occur.

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