Intelligent solutions for uncertain times

Uncertainty seems to be everywhere.

Whether it’s scale up, slow down or Brexit jitters, it pays to do a little workforce planning.

With any impact on your business, your workforce is usually affected in some way.

You may be looking for employees to do more or wondering how to keep people motivated, worried about retaining key people or concerned whether everyone is pulling their weight.

If like most small and medium-sized businesses you don’t have specialist expertise within your organisation, having an intelligent HR partner can make all the difference.

Melius works with business owners to provide options and enable a pro-active approach to workforce issues arising from uncertainty.

We’d love to share a coffee when you’ve got a spare half hour, to explore your concerns and offer our perspective.

Topics we can explore could include:

·        How to approach restructuring programmes

·        How to retain key employees during any workforce streamlining

·        How to attract the best individuals in a tight labour market

·        How to develop the leaders and managers of the future

·        How to flex workloads and job roles to avoid redundancies

·        How to avoid carrying less productive individuals

·        How outplacement support can make parting a positive experience

To schedule a conversation, please get in touch with our HR practice lead, Vanessa Lynch on 01245 808189 and we'll be in touch.