Improve your recruitment reliability

If your organisation is getting less than 3 of every 4 new starters becoming high performing employees, something is going wrong.

Long-term studies of recruitment effectiveness show that the combination of Personality Profiling, Intelligence Testing and Structured Interviewing gives the most reliable indication of recruitment success. 

But how often do organisations, especially smaller ones, follow this approach?

Interviews remain the core aspect of most organisations hiring processes, yet used alone have been shown to have a predictive reliability as low as 33%

So, is it any wonder that hiring decisions often go wrong?

The question is how best to stack the odds in your favour.

Melius use assessment tools that make predicting future business success a simple task for recruiters, HR Directors and business owners. 

Melius works with e-matrixx creators of the MAT80 assessment tool that has been designed specifically to identify candidates with the potential to be ‘High Earners’ in a business career.

Candidates are assessed in four core areas:

  1. Business personality, motivation and leadership
  2. Problem solving, creativity and innovation
  3. Business numeracy
  4. Business communication

This combination of activities ensures predictive validity is significantly above other assessment tools, as well as providing topics for further exploration at interview.

Combined with techniques such as Topgrading interviews designed to identify high performers, it is possible to identify superior performers that contribute disproportionately more that average performers.

If your recruitment process suffers from poor predictive performance, talk to Melius about how their recruitment methodology can increase your probability of recruiting future high performers.