How to get your creativity flowing.

Creativity is often cited as one of the human skills least open to automation, hence it’s value for individuals and organisations in the years that lie ahead.

The greatest value is achieved where creativity is aligned to technical expertise and innovation. Great British businesspeople such as James Dyson and Jony Ive at Apple embody the successful combination of these traits.

Creative thinking is closely aligned with mental agility traits that support high performance and collaborative working.

But what are the attributes and skills that we should be looking to develop to enhance our ability to think and work creatively?

Finding the routine that works for you is often a matter of personal preference, here are some of our favourites:

  • Embrace those 3am moments. Creativity often happens when your tired mind is wandering and less focussed at staying on task.
  • Spend more time playing with your children. Their natural curiosity can provide wonderful insight to how things can look to those less trained to see things in a certain way.
  • Read widely. Taking input from a broad number of perspectives can help your mind make the lateral connections and cross-business applications that can support innovation in your own field. So next time you’re at a newsstand or browsing online consider something outside your usual genres it may come in handy.
  • Travel. Take the time to experience different people and different cultures to gain new perspective that can be applied at home and work. Stay away from global hotel and food chains, and look for the little differences that help impact different ways of thinking.

The Melius learning team work with our clients’ teams to develop their creativity skills as part of their leadership development and productivity programmes. Our series of structured workshops help teams develop their creative thinking skills to approach problems in different ways, identify creative solutions and become more innovative.

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