How much are empty desks costing your business?

As we start the New Year every business has its plans, objectives and aspirations for making a success of 2020, but are empty desks hurting your business day-by-day from the outset?

If your organisation has gaps in revenue-generating sales and marketing roles then achieving your plans becomes that much harder.

Every day a seat in your office sits empty is a day that existing clients aren’t followed up, new clients aren’t targeted and targets become harder to deliver.

So where next?

Melius specialises in sourcing the best sales and marketing professionals to help our clients' businesses thrive. Our fresh search methodology ensures every assignment identifies the best available talent rather than recycling stale candidates from previous assignments.

Our recruitment specialists will work with you in six key areas to find the best talent for your organisation.

1.       Understanding your Employer Brand

What messages is your company sending to potential applicants? 

2.       Hire on Culture & Values

Your business needs people who will fit and thrive. Getting under the hood of how your organisation works and understanding the type of people most likely to be successful in your organisation is just as important as technical skills and capabilities.  

3.       Expand Your Search Horizons

Reaching out to candidates that aren’t actively considering moving to your company and raising profile with a more diverse candidate pool than your usual recruitment channels can yield a massive increase in high-quality applications. 

4.       Put science into your selection process

Combining Personality Profiling, Intelligence Tests and a Structured Interview can be twice as effective as interviewing alone. Choosing the right tools enhances the probability of success further. 

5.       Onboard new hires carefully

Taking the time to orient and embed new staff into your organisation significantly reduces the time taken for them to become productive. Having a comprehensive plan involving immediate co-workers, business leaders and key contacts work wonders for getting this important new relationship off to the best start. 

6.       Invest in professional development

Modern professionals seek continuous learning and development opportunities, so it makes sense to support your new hire to develop their skillset and stretch their horizons. A structured approach to performance development stimulates productivity, motivates staff and increases job retention.

If this sounds like the kind of approach that could enable your business to fill empty desks and unlock business growth, but you don’t have the resource or capacity within your existing team, Melius is ready to help.