How many lives will your career change?

A career that changes lives.  I imagine at this point you're possibly picturing teachers, firefighters or medics in action? Great careers that directly impact peoples lives every day.

But have you considered the vital role that recruitment professionals play in helping people to achieve their life and career goals?

From landing that first job to a big promotion or taking an international assignment, the chances are that recruitment consultants will lend a hand.

100,000 people work in the recruitment sector in the UK making it one of the country's largest employers and a global success story - more than a fifth of the worlds 100 largest recruitment firms are British.

Recruitment is a tech-savvy, brand-driven industry that offers superb career opportunities for those that are driven to achieve results by helping others to achieve their career goals.

Recruitment firms feature strongly in surveys of top employers to work for, and often provide the work / life / party balance that appeals to those fresh out of university and embarking on a new career.

You may well have seen ads from recruitment firms touting large pay packages but will it can be a lucrative career, our experience doing the right thing for candidates and clients is the most rewarding aspect of the job.

Here at Melius our Recruitment Industry Training Programme places high calibre graduates and other candidates new to the industry, with enlightened recruitment organisations. 

All participants receive a comprehensive six-month onboarding and professional development programme leading to the qualifications issued by the Institute of Recruitment Professionals - the representative body for the sector.  This helping hand ensures your career in recruitment gets off to a flying start.

If you'd like to know more about a career in recruitment, get in touch - you never know it could be the start of your own life changing experience.