Hiring flexibility boosts growth

Difficulty recruiting good quality staff acts as a constraint on growth across many industries.

The 2017 ScaleUp survey of business leaders showed that 90% of leaders in high growth businesses see access to talent as their biggest challenge. 48% of these report that their business struggles to engage good candidates.

These issues are felt most keenly in areas such as tech and digital marketing where skillsets are evolving rapidly and the most able candidates can have transformative impact for the organisations where they work.

Indeed, CEB’s Competing for Critical Talent white paper shows demand for talent converges on a small group of critical skillsets which are characterized by a reliance on expertise in new technologies or advanced data analytics.

In revenue earning roles such as sales, empty desks lead directly to lower earnings for the organisation.   In our own sector, where an average consultant will generate a prudent estimate of £120,000 fee income per annum, every week a desk sits empty costs £2,500 in lost fees.

In addition to lost revenue, opportunities are lost to competitors and greater pressure is placed on existing team members to achieve results for the business.

So, the challenge exists of how to increase the pool of high quality candidates and remove this impasse.

Our team at Melius work with clients to grow their talent pool with combined recruitment and training solutions.  Candidates demonstrating core attributes and high potential are supported through a six-month onboarding and professional development programme that fills desks, enhances productivity and reduces attrition. This removes delays in recruitment and business impact caused by searching purely for ready-formed candidates.

For a complimentary Solutions Review of how Melius can fill empty desks in your business please get in contact with our Client Services team. 

Candidate Perspective

Whilst employers are looking for the very best people when making hiring decisions, skills shortages in priority areas mean the perfect match isn’t always a practical outcome.

Candidates looking to switch career that can demonstrate commitment to their career and professional development can benefit from disruptive changes to work patterns and job roles.

Recruitment based on alignment of cultural values and work styles underpins how effective organisations approach these situations.

Melius supports candidates entering a new career by combining recruitment activities with structured onboarding and professional development activities that ensure you are fully supported to become productive and thrive within your new working environment.