Eight Great Technologies

In 2012 the UK Government selected eight great technologies, for which the UK has a combination of science strengths and business capabilities; world-leading research, with a wide range of applications across a spectrum of industries and the potential to be at the forefront of commercialisation.

The eight great technologies are:

  • big data,
  • satellites,
  • robotics and autonomous systems,
  • synthetic biology,
  • regenerative medicine,
  • advanced materials,
  • energy storage, and
  • agri-science.
More recently opportunities arising from the Internet of Things and Quantum Technologies have joined this group.

The 2017 Industrial Strategy sets out Grand Challenges to put the UK at the forefront of the industries of the future, ensuring that the UK takes advantage of major global changes, improving people’s lives and the country’s productivity.

 The first 4 Grand Challenges are focused on the global trends which will transform our future:

·       growing the Artificial Intelligence and data driven economy

·       clean growth

·       future of mobility

·       ageing society

Big money has been committed to these areas where UK businesses lead the way in research and commercialise these technologies. The current industrial strategy highlights £600m public investment to support this.

But, as the UK economy gears up for its brave new post-Brexit world, how well are our nation’s education and labour markets keeping pace with this ambition?

Our flexible labour market is excellent at creating jobs often lacking in terms of the quantity and quality of skills available for employers, particularly from domestic labour supply.

And how well are businesses in these sectors equipped to scale-up by developing effective leadership, talent management strategies, corporate cultures and employee value propositions?

Melius is focussed on supporting scale-up businesses in these sectors to develop cogent talent management strategies that enable them to discover, deploy and maximise the potential of their workforce.

Having a clear vision on attracting, selecting, deploying, developing and promoting the right people into the right jobs at the right time is a critical factor for any organisations scale-up plans. Never more so than when nascent industries are creating demand for new skills and disciplines, and where talent shortages could mean opportunities foregone and commercial advantage squandered.

If your organisation would benefit from a confidential discussion on how to build a winning talent strategy to support the realisation of your technology businesses potential, talk to Melius.