Creating long-term workforce strategies

How effectively does your organisation align the short-term requirement to fill empty desks and make new hires productive, with the long-term imperative to ensure cultural alignment, skills development and career progression for your workforce?

In the largest organisations, these are questions that can be addressed by the HR Director and their team; but if your organisation doesn’t have this resource in-house where do you turn?

As a retained partner to the organisations we work with Melius takes the long-term view of client best interest when providing professional guidance on recruitment, selection, development and retention activities.

Melius capabilities that support our clients’ workforce strategies include:

Entry-level programmes that bring new talent into your organisation then support their professional development with a planned programme of training and skills development.

Diversity programmes that broaden the backgrounds and perspectives of candidates being brought into the organisation.

Leadership development programmes that support growth and succession planning.

Defining corporate culture, how organisations manage how their teams deliver core activities to enhance brand perceptions and manage the differing expectations of a five generation workforce.

Marketing programmes that support core recruitment activities by showcasing your organisation and its employee value proposition to potential applicants.

To discuss how Melius can support your short-term requirements and long-term workforce strategies, please call our Client Services team on 01245 407601.