#6 Nurture your workplace culture

Cultural development enables sustainable change. Creating the environment and beliefs that reflect the needs of your modernised business is the final piece of the modernisation jigsaw and the one that enables continuous adaptation to the changing world around us.

These six components will help your organisation progress in the right direction:

  1. Appreciate each other. Having a regular opportunity to demonstrate thanks for their colleagues contribution is a great morale booster.

  2. Banish negativity. Characters that bring negativity stifle ideas and damage creativity.

  3. Don’t leave loose ends for others. Your colleagues are busy too.

  4. There are only opportunities. A positive prism enables your business to find solutions to problems and weaknesses whilst lessening stress and emotion.

  5. Do your own thing. Don’t feel your organisation has to follow every fad or innovation.

  6. Keep focussed on delivering your mission. Sacrificing important building blocks towards your goals for the urgency of day to day operations only serves to demoralise your workforce.

Clear, consistent, positive messaging will help your business culture transform to support your modernisation process and enable your business to become fit for future.

Is your business ready to start the journey?

It’s not necessarily a linear programme, your business may stronger in some areas and need developing more elsewhere. The important thing is not to stand still. The business world has changed and continues to do so at an ever increasing pace; and your customers will choose to work with those organisations that best serve their needs.

For a strategic review of your business and its modernisation potential or for help along the journey, please get in touch with Melius.