how we work

Melius is a talent management company that combines expertise from recruitment, education, HR and consulting to deliver highly effective talent solutions for our clients.

We identify and nurture talent, unblock skills shortages and utilise best practice.

This enables our clients to create value through increased supply of skilled candidates, reduce time to competence, increase productivity and increase retention.

Our clients are able to overcome skills shortages, eliminate unfilled positions, attract and retain target candidates.

your career drivers

Our approach is to match candidates to positions that match their career drivers.

We understand that today's candidates are looking for purpose, development, coaching and opportunities.

We work with forward thinking businesses that can match your expectations.

understanding potential

Our Career Coaches utilise a broad range of tools to ensure we understand the abilities and potential of each candidate.

Video interviewing enables us to quickly get to understand your abilities and interests - in your own words.

Assessment tools with proven predictive success enable us to take stock of your ability to translate current abilities into career success.

Assessment centres enable you to demonstrate your abilities alongside other candidates so we build a rounded picture of how you perform at work.

Together these tools allow us to engage you with the roles and organisations where you will flourish the most.

planning for success

Structured onboarding has a proven impact on employees productivity and retention.

Having clear expectations of new hires achievements within their first 90 days enables both parties to plan for success.

Our 180-day onboarding programme applies best in class techniques to embed new hires within the organisation they join, as well as proving professional qualification opportunities that reduce time to competence and increase overall contribution.

let's talk

Our team are available to discuss your career or hiring requirements.

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