Recruitment Industry Talent Programme

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Industry Challenge

The UK recruitment industry is a global giant with annual revenues in excess of £31bn and 100,000 people working in the sector.

However, sourcing and retaining high quality talent is one of the principal limiting factors cited by business leaders when asked about future growth prospects.

Empty desks don't place candidates with clients, and with average revenues in excess of £10,000 per consultant per month empty desks make for underperforming organisations.

Average retention for new entrants to the sector is between 12 and 18 months, meaning most new consultants move on or exit the sector before they have achieved sustainable profitability.

Melius Solution

Melius was established to address these challenges faced by businesses in our own sector.

Our combination of recruitment, selection, onboarding and professional development activities is designed to attract the best candidates and support them to become successful.

This approach incentivises candidates to pursue a career in recruitment and organisations to nurture the talent with the highest probability of long-term success.

To further align our interests, our investment model defers 40% of project costs until candidates demonstrate their abilities at work, with stage payments based on retention after 90 and 180 days rather than full payment at the point of candidate introduction.

Understanding Your Organisation

By understanding your organisation better, we can deliver more.

All organisations engaging with the Recruitment Industry Training programme will receive two complimentary reports from Melius.

Culture & Values Analysis report detailing the characteristics that underpin success in your organisation and to be sought after in new recruits.

Employer Brand Analysis detailing how your organisation appears to potential applicants and the impact this is likely to have on your recruitment activities.

In addition our job profiling activities ensure we fully understand your requirements and expectations of new hires.

Attracting the Best Candidates

Candidates are selected to participate in the Recruitment Industry Training Programme based on demonstrable skills that characterise high performers in the sector.

Our Career Coaching team utilise a variety of digital channels, campus roadshows and diversity activities to promote a career in recruitment to potential applicants.

Our use of the e-Metrixx MAT80 predictive assessment tool and video interviewing ensures we can quickly identify those candidates most likely to be successful.

Our promotion of your investment in the development and success of candidates joining the Recruitment Industry Training Programme engages a wider spectrum of applicants than normal advertising.

We supplement job board advertising to ensure a distinctive candidate base that can demonstrate commitment to their career through participation in our selection activities.

Selecting Potential High Earners

The efficacy of recruitment and selection techniques is a well-established academic niche with the assessment for intelligence and character along with a structured interview proven to be the most successful combination.

Our approach adds to this core formula by using best-in-class assessment tools with proven predictive validity for identifying candidates with high potential, and creating personalised development plans for all programme participants based on their assessment results.

Performance and Development

We support all participants in the Recruitment Industry Training Programme to successfully integrate with your organisation and become a high performing consultant through a comprehensive six-month programme:

Onboarding Portal to ensure successful orientation and transparent performance review during their first 180 days in post.

Introduction to Recruitment programme to ensure new hires hit the ground running with essential knowledge and skills.

Certificate in Recruitment Practice six month study programme leading to professional qualifications issued by the Institute of Recruitment Professionals. 

Performance Coaching programme to develop skills and behaviours that will lead to long-term successful career development.

Register Your Interest

Our client team will be in touch to discuss your talent requirements and secure your organisations participation in the next Recruitment Industry Talent Programme.