Levy solutions for your organisation

Build the workforce that delivers your future

Melius will help you build an effective solution for utilising your Apprenticeship Levy to attract, retain and develop the next generation of talent in your business.

Our approach follows a proven six-stage process:

1. How to integrate Apprenticeships into your workforce strategy.

2. Create compliant programmes that fit with business requirements.

3. Partner with high quality training providers and assessment organisations.

4. Map existing skills to create robust training plans for each participant.

5. Promote your programme to participants, managers and partner staff.

6. Track progression, achievement and return on investment.

Technical Support

Our consultants will be able to provide technical advice on Apprenticeship funding rules and programme requirements such as off-the-job training, transferring levy funds to your clients and suppliers, and End Point Assessment.

Business Acumen

Our consultants will help you maximise the value derived from your Apprenticeship Levy contribution turning it from an employment tax to essential pillar of your workforce strategy.

Industry Experience

Our team bring extensive experience of leading Apprenticeship training provision, qualification delivery, OFSTED inspection and providing strategic management advice to business.

Free initial consultation

To explore how Melius can help you manage your Apprenticeship Levy, contact Chris Hodson or David Morley to arrange a free, initial consultation.